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Flame and Plasma Cutting
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Press Brakes
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Waterjet cutting
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Laser cutting, Laser Tube Cutting

Best expertise

SVL Group is a unique group of companies specialised in cutting sheets, plate blanks and tubes and further processing of blanks.

Tell us what you need, and we can plan your solution using our comprehensive and modern machinery and methods that suit your requirements best. Our experienced sales staff offers you fast and expert service and ensure you always get the best solution.

Five sites

SVL Group’s four sites are located in Keuruu, Haapamäki and Joutsa (Suomen Vesileikkaus), Tampere (Avemet), and Riihimäki (Prolaser). You can contact any of our units and receive the same high-quality service and our entire stock of machinery will be ready to work for you.


SVL Group’s range of machinery is modern and efficient and contains more individual pieces of equipment than most companies in our sector. This makes our operations flexible, shortens delivery times, and improves our reliability of supply to customers. SVL Group is the largest waterjet and laser cutting company in Finland.

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