SVL Group’s Haapamäki unit started operations in 2020.

Only bright materials

The Haapamäki unit only processes and stores “bright” steels and aluminium, which in the end product often end up in demanding conditions, such as building facades or, for example, hulls of aluminium boats. There is no iron dust causing pitting corrosion in the production facilities, and all tools only process “clear” materials.

Also large pieces

Laser cutting machines are very efficient and large in dimensions, the lamellas of the cutting tables are made of stainless steel, and the processing of the pieces is far mechanized. The brake presses, mangel and tools are new, precise and efficient, and in most cases the clamping force and bending width are sufficient (650 tn x 8200 mm).

Warehouse, finishing, packaging

Aluminium and other oxidation-sensitive materials are stored in a dry and warm place. Materials are traceable and material certificates are readily available. If necessary, the parts can also be finished, for example, by rounding the edges, threading or notching.

Valuable materials are carefully packed and loaded.